International Agency of Public Security

Address of the General Secretary - Dr. Khasan Dzhantaev

Dear Friends!

Thank You for your interest in the International Agency of Public Security.

The birth of this new institution in the family of international organizations – a new cell of global civil society – is a serious bid to consolidate the efforts of people of good will in solving the most pressing problems of our time.

We believe that the noble ideas laid down in the Charter of our Organization can attract the attention of our supporters and like-minded people to the prospect of holding large-scale international events designed to formulate a more just and secure world and a more comfortable environment for people of Earth in the coming Millennium.

The Agency intends to gather under its banner the most authoritative experts in the fields of activity that fall within the scope of its interests, and recognized public figures of our time, whose voice will be heard by all who care about the fate of the planet Earth, who care about the fate of its inhabitants.

You are all friends of our organization, and so we have a reason to believe that together we can face the formidable challenges of our time.